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  • CAT scan: (Computed Axial Tomography). An x-ray test of any organ that uses computer reconstruction of multiple images of sections. One example is a CAT Scan of the lungs, sometimes used in HHT to determine the lung AVMs.
  • Cataract:  An opacity in the lens of the eye. May obstruct vision.
  • Catheter: A small plastic tube which is inserted into a vein.
  • Cautery: A small electric needle that is applied to burn tissue. This is sometimes used in HHT to treat telangiectases and control bleeding.
  • Cerebral: An adjective used to describe anything related to the brain.
  • Chromosome: Microscopic particles within the cells of our bodies that contain genes.
  • Coilembolization: A treatment for AVM. A stainless steel or platinum coil is placed in an AVM, through a catheter, to permanently block off blood flow to an AVM
  • Congenital: Present from the time of birth.
  • Contralateral: On the opposite side.
  • Convulsion: Seizure. Abnormal electrical discharge of the brain causing a motor, sensory, or behavioral disturbance.
  • Corpus Callosum: White matter tract connecting the left and right hemispheres (halves) of the brain.
  • Cutaneous Lesions: Skin lesions.
  • Cyanotic: The bluish tinge of the skin when the blood oxygen level is low.